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Browse the resources below to find the forms and websites students need for online or paper registration for SAT Program tests. You’ll also find information about test dates, fee waivers, test centers outside the U.S., accommodations for test-takers who have disabilities, Student Search Service® and more.

SAT Test Dates

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This online calendar shows upcoming SAT or SAT Subject Tests dates in and outside the U.S. Students can also sign up for reminders, get study plans, find out about test fees and more.

Register Online for the SAT

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Online registration is the simplest and quickest way to register for the SAT. On this Web page, students can choose their test date and test center, get immediate registration confirmation, and print or correct their Admission Ticket.

Comparing the SAT and ACT

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Intended audience: Counselors

The most appropriate way to compare SAT and ACT scores is through a concordance table based on research by the makers of each test. College admission officers use these tables to understand how students of comparable ability would score on the two exams. The tables clearly show which SAT scores are comparable to which ACT scores. To learn more about the tables, visit our research pages.

The Registration Guide for the SAT
and SAT Subject Tests™ ("Student Registration Guide")

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This booklet provides step-by-step instructions and information for students who want to register by mail, including important test day reminders; terms and conditions for test-takers; test dates and fees; and contact information for international SAT representatives.

Code Search

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Use the search tool on this Web page to look up all the College Board codes.

Student Search Service®

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Send your students to this page for information about this important college recruitment program. It’s available free of charge as part of registration. Student Search Service is used by more than 2,000 colleges and universities every year to help them find the right students for their programs, scholarships, and special activities.

International Students and the SAT

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Visit this page for Information on advising U.S. or international students taking the SAT outside the United States.

Students with Disabilities and the SAT

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This page contains important information to help you ensure appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities who take the SAT.

SAT Student ID Form

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Students taking the SAT must present a current photo ID to enter the test center. This form is intended for those who don’t have a current driver’s license, passport or other acceptable ID.

Alternate Test Date Flyer

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This two-page flyer explains under what circumstances the SAT Program will consider granting an alternate test date for a student, how school officials can request one, and what parents and students should know about the process.

SAT Bulk Transmittal Form

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Print out, complete, and mail in this form to submit multiple student registrations for a single test date.

Score Choice™ Overview

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Visit this page to learn more about Score Choice and college score-use policies. It includes Score Choice fast facts and FAQs.

Score Choice Web Page for Students

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Send students to this page on our SAT site for the information they need about Score Choice.

Test Day Security

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Security Requirements

The College Board has enhanced its security requirements related to SAT registration and test administration, helping maintain an honest and fair testing environment for the millions of students who take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests™ each year.

To help you and your students understand the policies, we’ve outlined them below and addressed some common questions your students might ask.

Note: The SAT Code List booklet, the Student Registration Guide, and other materials that explain the requirements are available for download or for reorder on our Downloads and Materials Ordering page.

Quick Facts

During registration, students are required to:

On test day, students are required to:

With very few exceptions, providing a photo during the registration process is required. Refer any students with concerns to Customer Service well before test day.

The Registration Process

The photo provided during registration becomes part of the student’s Admission Ticket. Students in eighth grade and below are exempt from providing a photo.  

Students have the opportunity to upload a digital photo or to include a photo with the paper registration form. Learn more about photo guidelines. Registrations for test administrations must include a photo or they will not be processed (unless the student is exempt from the photo requirement).

To supply the high school code when registering online, students use a search function that provides all the high school information needed. Students registering by paper can look up their code online or in the paper SAT Code List booklet sent to schools in the summer mailing. Registrants who have no associated high school can enter the special codes provided in the Student Registration Guide.

Note: Paper registrations that are missing required information will be returned, unprocessed, to the student. If you serve numerous students who register by paper, we have created a flyer (for domestic and international locations) to post or copy and distribute that lists some important reminders for them.

Making Changes to Test Center, Test Date or Test Type

Students can make changes to test center, test date or test type (SAT to SAT Subject Tests or the reverse) in advance as long as they make such changes by the last registration deadline for that test administration, as noted on their Admission Tickets. A change fee is required.

Waitlist Status

Students can request a Waitlist Status through their online account until five days before test day if they miss the last registration deadline. No testing fees will be charged unless the student is seated on test day.

Changes to Photo or Other Personal Information

  • Students must provide a photo, which will become part of their Admission Ticket, when registering. Any a student who is concerned that the photo supplied does not meet the requirements, can go online to upload a new photo.
  • After registering, students may make updates to their Admission Ticket photo online and updates to personal information (name, date of birth, or sex) by contacting Customer Service no later than the Friday eight days prior to the published test date, by 8 p.m. ET. No changes may be made after that time.
  • Remember, if the student is not easily recognizable in his or her photo, or if his or her name, date of birth or sex is inaccurate, he or she will be denied entry to the test center on test day.

Note: Students are responsible for ensuring that their photo meets the requirements. Successful upload of a photo only indicates that it meets the technical requirements (correct file type and size). It does not indicate that the photo is acceptable for test day (e.g., recognizable, no sunglasses, no other people, etc.).

Key Points for Educators

Since students are required to provide their high school information when they register, high schools will automatically receive scores for their students.

Designated educators at a high school have access to the Counselor Registration Report, a secure system showing their students’ registration information, including photos (scores are not included).

Common Student Questions

Visit our Test Day page for more details including policies regarding ID requirements, test security and fairness, and cell phones and electronic devices.

Do I need to know my high school code?
No, you do not need to know your high school code to register online. You can search by school name and location to select the correct school either during the registration process or in advance. Search for your school’s code on the SAT Student site. If you cannot find your high school in the College Board database, you will have the option of specifying that your school is not listed. If you register by paper, look up your school in the SAT Code List booklet, available in the counseling office.

Do I need to include a photo?
Yes, you will need a current photo to complete registration. If you register online you will be prompted to upload a digital photo. Students who register by mail will need to include a photo with the paper registration form. Learn more about photo guidelines.

Do I need to bring my Admission Ticket on test day?
Yes, you will need to present your printed Admission Ticket to be admitted to your designated test center. You’ll also need an acceptable photo ID. You can visit My SAT Online to download and print your Admission Ticket at anytime. Students who registered by mail using the paper registration form can choose to receive their ticket in an email link or by postal mail.

Will I be able to test if I miss the last registration deadline?
You may be able to request Waitlist Status up until five days before the test. Standby testing is no longer permitted. Unregistered individuals will not be admitted to the test center under any circumstances.

How do I make changes to my registration?
Changes to registrations, including changes to your test center, test date or test type (switching from SAT to SAT Subject Test and vice versa) can be made through your online account or by calling Customer Service until the last registration deadline for your test day. The last date for making registration changes is also listed on your Admission Ticket. Learn more about making registration changes.


SAT Registration and Test Day Checklist Flyer

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This flyer contains important information on photo registration, proper forms of ID, photo Admission Ticket guidelines and what to bring on test day.

SAT Counselor Tips Flyer

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Intended audience: Professional

This flyer provides counselors with tips and information on how they can help their students submit a registration photo.

SAT Paper Registration Tips for U.S. Students

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Intended audience: U.S. Students

This flyer offers important tips for U.S. students who need to register by paper, including which fields are mandatory and how to ensure that their information fully meets the registration requirements.

SAT Paper Registration Tips for International Students

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Intended audience: International Students

This flyer offers important tips for international students who need to register by paper, including which fields are mandatory and how to ensure that their information fully meets the registration requirements.

Score Reports

Help your students understand their SAT score reports and use them to see what skills need improvement. This section also includes order forms for score verification services and additional score reports, as well as information for education professionals about score-report delivery options for high schools.

My SAT Online Score Report Tour

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Intended audience: Student

This brief self-guided demo gives students a section-by-section overview of My SAT Online Score Report, a free online tool that gives students the meaning behind their numbers and insight into their strengths and weaknesses. My SAT Online Score Report includes details of the student’s performance by question type and difficulty level; national, state, and high school percentiles; the student's essay question and scanned response; and career and major searches.

SAT Skills Insight™

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Intended audience: Student

This free online tool is beneficial to all students before and after they take the SAT. It shows students the academic skills that are tested on the SAT and gives them the confidence and motivation to reach their desired score. The tool features real SAT questions and answers, lists of the academic skills typical of students who score within each score band, and suggestions for improving skills.

Score Choice™ Overview

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Intended audience: Professional

Visit this page to learn more about Score Choice and college score-use policies. This Web page includes Score Choice fast facts and FAQs.

Score Choice Web Page for Students

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Send students to this page on our SAT site for the information they need about Score Choice.

SAT Answer Verification Services Form

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Students can use this form to order the Question-and-Answer Service and Student Answer Service by mail.

Additional Score Report Order Form

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Students can order additional score reports by mail with this form.

Archived Score Report Order Form

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Test-takers who have been out of high school for at least one year and who have not tested for one or more years can order archived score reports by mail with this form.

Electronic Data Layout for High Schools

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Intended audience: Professional

This booklet explains how to read the data supplied to high schools and school districts in SAT and SAT Subject Tests Electronic Score Reports. More information about score reporting options is provided to schools in a late spring mailing and online If you are interested in changing to electronic score reporting, contact Code Control for more information: 609-771-7091 or

The SAT Fee-Waiver Service

As part of the College Board’s mission, the SAT Fee-Waiver Service serves hundreds of thousands of low-income students every year gives students access to a comprehensive set of resources that help them prepare for the SAT and take the next steps toward college.

For the 2014-15 academic year the College Board, along with our members, has launched a national effort to propel low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students into the educational opportunities they have earned. Every income-eligible senior who uses an SAT fee waiver will receive four college application fee-waiver (CAFW) forms directly from the College Board.

important improvements to the fee-waiver service:

  • Counselors and advisers who serve fee-waiver users will receive an increased quantity of fee waivers in their initial allocations.
  • Eligible students testing in the United States and U.S. territories can register with a fee waiver during the late period for any test date, with no late fee applied.

About the SAT Fee-Waiver Service

For over 40 years, the SAT Fee-Waiver Service has been successfully administered in large part because of the expertise and deep knowledge of counselors and other student advocates like you. We depend on you to distribute fee waivers to qualified students and encourage each recipient not only to register, but also to be present on test day and to apply to college.

  • Fee waivers are available for low-income, college-aspiring high school students who meet the eligibility guidelines.
  • Students eligible for fee waivers can register online with a unique 12-digit fee-waiver number that is printed on each fee-waiver card.
  • All required fields must be completed on the card for it to be valid. (This applies whether the student is registering online or by paper.)
  • Fee waivers can be used through mid-August so students can take advantage of summer registration; the date is indicated on the card.
  • Students can use two fee waivers for the SAT in either their junior or senior years and up to two fee waivers for the SAT Subject Tests™ in their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior years.

More than Just a Waiver

Fee waivers offer more than just the waiver of test fees. An eligible student can take advantage of all the following services for free or at a reduced rate:

  • CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE fee waivers & SAT fee waivers
    The CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE fee waivers process has been enhanced to closely mirror the fee-waiver process for the SAT. Students can apply online for nonfederal financial aid from almost 300 colleges and scholarship programs by completing a CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE® application. First-time, domestic college applicants who used an SAT® fee waiver may now also receive up to eight PROFILE fee waivers. To qualify, students must log in to PROFILE using the same credentials used for the SAT. Students who did not use an SAT fee waiver may still qualify for a PROFILE fee waiver based on income.
  • Up to two registrations for the SAT and up to two registrations for the SAT Subject Tests—a total of four fee waivers.
    • One fee-waiver card covers one SAT registration ($52.50 value) or up to three SAT Subject Tests on one test day ($84 maximum value).
  • Four additional score reports, which can be ordered at registration or after the student has received his or her scores ($45 maximum value).
  • The Question-and-Answer Service or the Student Answer Service. Students must order the service when registering to receive it at no charge ($18 maximum value).
  • A $40 discount off the regular price of The Official SAT Online Course™ with any online registration using a fee waiver.
  • Up to four College Application Fee-Waiver forms. The SAT Fee-Waiver Directory of Colleges lists two- and four-year colleges and universities that have agreed to consider waiving their application fees.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible students must be in 11th or 12th grade to use fee waivers for the SAT. Students may be in any grade of high school to use fee waivers for SAT Subject Tests. Fee waivers are available to high school students who meet at least one of the eligibility criteria given here

Primary College Board Fee-Waiver Eligibility Criteria
A student must be either enrolled in or eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) to receive a fee waiver. For schools participating in new federal programs such as Community Eligibility, we recognize that you may need to use other indicators, such as those listed below.

Additional Fee-Waiver Eligibility Indicators
If the primary eligibility indicators cannot be used to determine eligibility, use this list of additional indicators to decide whether a student is eligible to receive a College Board fee-waiver:

  • The student’s annual family income falls within the Income Eligibility Guidelines set by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service.
  • The student is enrolled in a federal, state, or local program that aids students from low-income families (e.g. TRIO programs such as Upward Bound).
  • The student’s family receives public assistance.
  • The student lives in federally subsidized public housing, or a foster home, or is homeless.
  • The student is a ward of the state or an orphan.

International Students

  • Eligible U.S. citizens who will be testing outside the U.S. may receive fee waivers, which cover the cost of regular registration, and the non-U.S. regional fee. The student is responsible for all other fees.
  • Eligible students who are foreign nationals who live and test in the U.S. or U.S. territories may also receive fee waivers.

Home-Schooled Students
Home-schooled students must provide proof of eligibility (tax records, public assistance records, or record of enrollment in an aid program). When you provide a card to a home-schooled student, print “970000” on the card instead of your regular College Board high school or agency code. We recognize that these students may not be a part of the population you typically serve, and we thank you for helping us give them access to the SAT and SAT Subject Tests.

Allocating and Reordering Fee-Waiver Cards
High schools and qualifying agencies receive supplies of cards based on the number of fee waivers that their students used for testing in the prior year (October through June administrations of the SAT and SAT Subject Tests). Your high school or agency code lets us match fee-waiver usage to your school or agency for this allocation process. Be sure to write the code on the cards you distribute. If you need to reorder fee-waiver cards after distributing them to eligible students, please call the Educator Help Line at 888-SAT-HELP (728-4357) or +1 212-520-8600 internationally.

Test Day: Best Practices

Fee waivers offer a great opportunity for low-income students to show what they know by taking the SAT or SAT Subject Tests. However, some students encounter barriers that prevent them from sitting for the tests after registering and test day absenteeism continues to be a concern. We conducted research with thousands of fee-waiver recipients and learned that most students:

  • Said that their school counselor was the most important influence on their decision to register for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests.
  • Cited not feeling prepared and not having transportation as the top reasons for being absent.
  • Indicated that the following would have helped them show up on test day:
    • Access to transportation/directions
    • A closer test center
    • Better preparation and/or more confidence
    • More encouragement and reminders

Here are a few effective strategies many counselors are using to boost test day attendance:

  • Connect fee-waiver recipients to the full suite of free SAT and SAT Subject Test™ practice materials, so they can feel more confident and prepared as test day approaches.
  • Provide encouragement through reminders to plan transportation and other logistics.
  • Continue to be a supportive guide and mentor, encouraging students to take the next step of using their college application fee waivers to apply to colleges.

The College Board has introduced the SAT Counselor Registration Report, a free tool to help school counselors track their students’ progress. This service allows you to view and create customized reports showing your students who are registered for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. You can also track who used a fee waiver, which students were absent on test day, and other useful information to help put students on the path to college.

We encourage you to use these data to help improve test day attendance for fee-waiver students.  Let us know if you have other best practices to support low-income students by emailing us at